Saturday, 31 December 2011

Calling the winner!

Just a gentle reminder to my giveaway winner to please step forward and claim your prize.

The winner is QG and you can contact me via my email pickingoranges(@) i will get your prize sent asap direct from Amazon. Please remove the ( ) bracket signs before emailing.

Happy new year to you all!

Hope 2012 is a happy & healthy one for you all x

Friday, 30 December 2011

Entering 2012 with an air of uncertainty

I'm hoping everyone here had a great Christmas and enjoyed every moment even if there was a distinct lack of snow.  *sad face* I had so counted on waking up to some glorious snow on Christmas morning.

For us the lead up to Christmas and the day itself was a bit uncertain due to one of our children having a fit a few days before. Now this isn't the first time she has had a fit (she has had one previous one) but it was the first ever fit i had witnessed, made even worse because it was my own child. Now any decent parent will certainly agree that you do anything possible to protect your child and the feeling i had of being helpless and useless all at once is hard to deal with. There is a fairly big chance that this will be a long term thing but i have been told i need to await the next fit till she can be medicated. I feel like we spent christmas waiting for the next fit, making sure she isn't stood too long, making sure she isn't stood on hard ground for a long period of time, glancing at her way too often to make sure she looks ok. Just generally being overprotective and probably if i use her words "annoying"  I have relaxed a little bit, read the sheet i was given at the hospital and will try and not panic when/if it should happen again but really..does a parent with a child who experiences regular seizures ever feel relaxed?

So here we are entering 2012 with an air of uncertainty.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Giveaway Winner

A big sorry for the delay in announcing the winner. It's been one of *those* days.

The winner whose name was selected with the help of my oldest daughter out of a cowboy type silver hat. (It's always good to know the details!) is...... QG

If you could please contact me via my email pickingoranges(@) i will get your prize sent asap direct from Amazon. Please remove the ( ) bracket signs before emailing.

Keeps your eyes peeled for a new giveaway in the new year.

If you could give me some idea of what would be appealing to win that would be great! 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Slow down December & is there a doctor in the house?

I officially hate December. No really i does seem to zoom past. I haven't purchased Christmas presents let alone any Christmas food. I don't have Joy in my heart and i just don't feel the Christmas spirit, though the thought of a neat Vodka or two did try and tempt me last night but i was strong and didn't give in.

I suppose it doesn't help that my mind has been preoccupied a bit this month. I have raynaud's phenomenon, nothing special about that as loads do but the past few months i have had something which i presumed at first was related yet seems to even baffle my doctor and rheumatologist.

I have red/purple marks that come up on my palms, and sometimes fluid like lumps under those marks. When the lumps come up my skin itches for several minutes till the lump has fully come up then the itching eases off to a stop.  The past couple of weeks i have also had what seems like a fluid lump come up on the inside of my arm, half way between my wrist and my elbow. I know i shouldn't google (though my doctor does!) the only thing i could find that looked visually similar to my marks on my hands were Janeway lesions, though i also considered it may be an allergy but the doctor didn't seem convinced on the allergy suggestion. Anyway i suppose i'm posting in the hope someone comes across this blog before my next hospital appointment and can give me some idea what it is. It's really frustrating not knowing and whatever it is leaves me with very painful hands afterwards, a bit like how it feels when you have a bruise. It has had a good effect on my raynaud's though as rather than freezing cold hands they are quite hot lately.

I also want to let everyone know that i haven't forgotten about the giveaway and it will be drawn early tomorrow afternoon. Good luck to all those who have entered x
Oh and sorry for the rather rubbish photograph but look..i'm trying to get in the festive mood!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Debenhams sorted it.

Argh i really must learn to update quicker. Debenhams did credit my card back the amount it was owed and i was issued with a 15% discount code as a gesture of goodwill. Though i hate it when they put that, as quite frankly it's their screw up and they make it sound like they did me a massive favour. *rolls eyes*

Anyway my items i reordered have arrived in good time and i'm happy with everything so i thought it best to update and let you all know. I still won't be in a rush to online shop with them but will still no doubt enjoy shopping instore. Hurry up Christmas sales!