Monday, 3 October 2011

Halo Kit - The smokers angel

I recently received a mini halo kit that i was lucky enough to win on twitter. I will add before i start that i didn't have to do a review, i was never asked and i always give my 100% honest opinion.

The reason i have chosen to give a review of this product is because of how brilliant the kit is and how in this day and age of ever increasing cigarette costs the Ecigarette works out much cheaper and you are able to smoke in places that you usually wouldn't be able to.

The above photo isn't mine and if from but it shows you what the Smoker's mini halo kit consists of.

At the time of posting the Mini Halo kit is on offer for £14.99 

The HALO MINI Electronic Cigarette:

What you get:

    * 1 HALO lithium battery
    * 1 USB charger
    * 1 Silver e-cigarette case
    * 2 Refills
    * Manual
    * First Class Shipping (free on orders over £39.99, otherwise £2.99)

My husband has used the kit and over five days use has cut down on smoking normal cigarettes considerably and hopefully soon will move over to the Ecigarette permanently. While the Ecigarette does contain Nicotine is does not contain tar or the hundreds of other chemicals that can be found in normal cigarettes. Another plus is there is no smell when smoking them and no risk to others of passive smoking. This is the closest you can get to smoking a normal cigarette but as you can see has alot more advantages to it. Next week i will be purchasing a kit for myself..yes it really is that good!

A quote from their own website.
The e-cigarette is a device designed to simulate the process of smoking. It looks like a cigarette, and the end lights up when you inhale, but avoids many of the harmful effects of ordinary cigarettes. So how does it work?
The white end of the e-cig is the lithium battery container. Two of these are provided, so you should never be without your e-cigarette.
The brown end is the cartridge. Inside is a liquid which contains nicotine, propylene glycol (also used to make stage smoke) and an atomiser which heats up the liquid to create vapour.
What you inhale is not smoke, but vapor containing nicotine. However, when you exhale the vapor is present – and closely resembles smoke.
When you inhale, you activate the electronic circuits contained within the electronic cigarette. This initiates the vaporization process - and makes the end of the cigarette glow red. When you cease inhaling the vaporization will finish, with the cigarette returning to standy mode. The cigarette is battery operated, and can be recharged using the equipment provided.
The nicotine itself is contained in cartridges, which come in strengths of extra-high, high, medium, low - and zero strength.

You can follow the company Smoker's Angel on twitter here The Smokers Angel

To check out the range of products in the online store just click here


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