Saturday, 1 March 2014

My three top products of the week.

This week i have had some new products to try.

They are so good that i am going to recommend them. Tomorrow i will try and upload my own photo's but for now i have used the net as it's just easier and it has gone 1am in the morning and my camera is nowhere in sight. :)

First on my must buy list is Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser. It's so handy just to be able to spray Moisturiser on, in fact i got a bit carried away and sprayed most of my body. Why hasn't anyone thought of a spray moisturiser before? It's really great to use just after shaving or waxing your legs. It makes everything feel super smooth. I am in love.
Second is Alberto VO5 Smoothly Does It Straightening Lotion. I got this from a lovely twitter win but i wasn't asked to review it and if it was rubbish or just "ok" i certainly wouldn't of added it to my blog as one of my top products. However i used this yesterday morning and not only does it make my hair smell wonderful, it does what it says and keeps my hair looking gloriously smooth and straight. You put it on towel dried hair and brush it through. Then blow dry your hair and then go over your hair with the straighteners. It's certainly more effective than just plain straightening and it keeps the frizz at bay. Bonus! 

Lastly is a wonderful purchase from Lush. It's a bubblegum lip scrub that sells for £5.50. A little pricey i thought but i wanted to treat myself as this awful winter weather makes my lips really dry. Well i was pleasantly surprised. This stuff is great, not only does it smell wonderful it has stopped my lips feeling so dry and chapped. It's so sugary and feels it when you put it on but i noticed the difference within a day and it tastes pretty good too!