Thursday, 7 February 2013

Death of the Paperback?...

I confess that i really love proper books and turning pages of a E-reader doesn't have the same feel to it. I have tried to get on with them, for example i do have a Sony E-reader and it's a wonderful gadget i suppose. However it's just not something i have really fallen in love with. I find it cold and not very relaxing when i am sat there propped up in bed with my E-reader, yet with a paperback i feel more comfortable and i can curl up into the covers and drift off into my imagination.
However i was offered a book recently, in PDF form from an author and i politely turned it down. I know..I know..You're probably thinking "Ungrateful Cow" but is it right to accept something knowing that you probably won't use it?

So my question is..Does anyone read a normal book anymore? or do you favour E-Readers?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Catching up...

This evening i thought i would do a catching up post.

Firstly the boy in the red top from a previous post is apparently not Ben Needham so i will be removing the images. It's ever so sad as it looked like such a great lead and a big possibility it would be him. However more press surrounding the Needham family is a good thing and hopefully they will keep getting the full support of the UK and Greece to aid in the search. For info...You can now purchase wristbands on their website. and they are also holding an auction

On a totally different subject,  i ordered a cheesecake from as a gift and it is due for delivery on Friday! wooo hooo :)
I have been debating ordering one for weeks but the price put me off at first...however i have caved as it looked so yummy! I will upload a photograph of it on the weekend. :)

For now i will leave you with a photo of the sheep grazing in the fields. :)