Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Glass Cabochon test.

I am sorry for the delay in uploading some photographs of my progress with the Glass Cabochons. In my defense it's been a rather hectic week. I am still awaiting the chains and e6000 glue but i have attempted ten so far. Out of the ten i am unhappy with three of them and they will need to soaked and redone. I think this was a case of me rushing and not pressing down firmly enough. I chose to use quotes as i think they will look rather nice when i have fully completed them and i do love a good quote. I am sorry in advance for the poor quality of the photographs. I will aim to rectify this by the weekend and upload some better ones. Some of these were photographed before i sanded them, hence you will see the overlap on these images.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Project of the week

My project of the week is glass dome cabochon necklaces, I have been looking at some youtube tutorials which have been really useful. I purchased some pendants for them on Ebay. I chose to get them from China so they took a little while to arrive but they are really nice quality and have trees on the reverse. I want to put some quotes inside them, though i am a little concerned as i have an inkjet printer and apparently there can be issues with the image when using inkjet.Hopefully all will go well if i leave the image to dry for a day or two. I purchased glass domes and the self sealing ones. Stupidly though the self sealing one are the wrong size so i will need to purchase more pendants in the correct size for them. I love this type of crafting as you can create something really unique.

When i have completed the ones i am working on, i will upload some photographs. For those interested in this type of crafting i have included one of the more useful Youtube tutorials that i have watched.