Friday, 25 March 2011

Why picking oranges?

Well my first couple of blog name choices had all been taken so i thought i would see if the title from one of my favourite songs by the wonderful Leddra Chapman was available and i was quite surprised to see it was free for the taking.

Leddra Chapman is a very talented singer folk singer from Essex, as talented as she is it seems that some people still haven't even heard of her. I listen to her songs on my pc daily at the moment, such as the popular Story, Summer Song,Wine Glass, Picking Oranges and Edie. From what i can gather she sings about her experiences and she has also sung a very comical song in Sark (You need to Youtube it..!) and a cover of F*ck you with Ed Sheeran which i thought was great considering i'm pretty sure they had a few drinks before covering it.. She is much more preferable to me than the rubbish that is being churned out in the charts lately.

Anyway, long version short. Picking Oranges is one of my favourite songs. Hence the name of the blog.


I spotted this on my friend Lesley's facebook page and just had to share. Much more amusing that your average text code.
ATD..At The Doctors.
BFF..Best Friend Fell.
BTW..Bring the Wheelchair.
BYOT..Bring Your Own Teeth.
FWIW..Forgot Where I Was.
GGPBL..Gotta Go Pacemaker Battery Low.
GHA..Got Heartburn Again.
IMHO..Is My Hearing-Aid On.
LMDO..Laughing My Dentures Out.
OMMR..On My Massage Recliner.
OMSG ..Oh My! Sorry, Gas.
ROFLACGU....Rolling On Floor Laughing And Can't Get Up.
TTYL..Talk To You Louder

Number 1

Go on..have a giggle at the title!

Right well i was going to start a topic regarding 100 things i wanted to do before i die...but i thought that was a bit morbid. After all what happens if i complete all 100 things? Will i be ready to die?...Doubtful.

So instead i am making this 100 things to do before i'm 50. That gives me 18 years. If i haven't done them in 18 years then chances are i won't be doing them... ever.

Number 1 - A hot air balloon ride.
I have always fancied this, being up so high that people just look like ants ready to be squished. It would also be nice to get away from the noise of the towns and feel so free among the clouds and among the little birdies. I just realised that probably makes me sound like a crazy new age chicken spanker..

Manor Park Tenby

I remember my aunts taking me and my cousins to Manor Park in the summer holidays each year when i spent a couple of weeks with them. Those are probably some of my fondest memories as a child.

Nowadays Manor Park is owned and run by Anna Ryder Richardson and i have to say she has done a great job.

You can get up close to the Lemurs, Wallabies and various other animals and the food at the Cafe is reasonably priced and locally sourced. It's also wonderful to be able to take my own children to a place that i remember fondly from my own childhood and hopefully they will develop as many wonderful memories as i have of the place.

We purchased a Double Bubble Season ticket which is very good value if you live locally and means we can make the most of Manor Park throughout the year. Ideal if like me you love taking photographs.
                                                                  Manor Park Tenby


When i first discovered the world of Twitter i thought it was rubbish and i couldn't make sense if it. Now though i regret my quick judgement and have come to rely on it and have made some really great friends both local to me and from other countries which is lovely.

Businesses seem to use it as a marketing tool (no surprise there) and it seems pretty successful, they are interacting with both customers and potential customers and some even give away free stuff. Yes it does happen. Friday seems to be a popular day and the free stuff is mainly on the whole decent free stuff. For example Tetley gives away a years supply of tea. Hp today is giving away a printer, Ok magazine does regular giveaways and does a thing called Facebook friday. In these lean times when people are struggling it seems to be worth a shot entering if it's something you want and you don't think Retweeting will upset any/many of your followers.

I must admit that some people seem to enter everything and anything just to get some of this much wanted "free stuff"  Personally i have no need for a keyring, tea cosy or fridge magnet. (Just examples i may add of the smaller items available) Even being free, i have enough clutter without having an urgent need to spam my regular followers with constant RT's just on the off chance i might win a mug. Which knowing my luck would end up broken by the time it got to me anyway. On the other hand if someone is offering something i would love then i usually spare a tweet..if anything it's one less birthday/christmas present i would have to buy if i did end up lucky but sometimes it would be nice to get something just for me. That sounds quite selfish..honestly i'm not. It's just money seems to go as quick as it arrives and it's rare to be able to get myself a treat at the end of the month.

Anyway aside from the "free stuff" Twitter is useful for news updates. I follow the   for that and love the way they interact with us "normal" folk. who i managed to win a gift voucher from, they have amazing customer service and do some great products and i know for sure that i will be using them for some of my christmas pressies this year. Then there is I have loved Ryvita since an early age, along with most of my family and friends and you can put so many toppings on it (it goes with nearly everything!) that i had to enter when they did a recipe competition. I put my two favourite recipes. Curry on Regardless and Sweetness and Light (yes i named them) and just before christmas (literally!) i found out i won the main prize. We had the best christmas ever thanks to Ryvita and they were so quick at sorting the prize, anyway as you can guess i can't recommend them enough.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Just Sometimes...

I really get the urge to scream..not a little pathetic scream but one that can be heard from miles around and send shivers down the spine of the bravest men.

It's the little things in life that get to me sometimes. Fake people, you know the ones. Those who pretend they are all nicey nice but really the halo slipped years ago and that's even if they had one to start with. I just have such a big problem with people who are two faced...and then there is the problem of which one to smack first. *cough* Just kidding of course. Instead i do my best to treat those around me as i would like to be treated myself and avoid the fake people that i meet on the journey of life as much as i possibly can. Ok so that doesn't stop me cursing them in my head but i'm pretty sure that's allowed.  Next on my urge to scream list are those who lie, some even do it by starting off with a little bit of truth and then obviously think to themselves "oh but it sounds so much better in my head like this..and then this..oh and let's not forget this" ..Come on folks this is pathetic. Something schoolchildren perhaps do when they don't know any better. Any adults doing it should just be lined up against a wall and shot constantly hit with a wet fish.

Oh and sometimes..Just sometimes i'm totally shattered and need my sleep. (Yes it does happen!)
So for now i will retire to my bed and just have wonderful dreams about Karma and how eventually people do end up getting what they dished out.
Night Night x