Thursday, 25 October 2012

Back to blogging soon :)

Well long time no see! The reason for my prolonged absence is because i have been working on my OU Psychology course and it's really important to me. Sadly more than blogging.

I am pleased to report that so far i have passed 3 of my assignments and i am in the process of completing my final one for this course. *Phew* Next year i have chosen to take on two more courses (can you tell i really want that degree?)

I have begun to learn about so many interesting things that i thought i would share one with you, mind you knowing my luck you already know!  :)

I have discovered the wonder that is Phineas Gage, and the whole story about him has really gained my interest. To make it more fun i have included a fun song about him that i discovered on Youtube. He was a true medical miracle, through an accident at work a huge metal rod pierced through his head, and maybe obviously...his brain. I guess from what i have read that one of the main reasons doctors discovered they could operate safely on the brain was due to his injury. Anyway i don't want to bore you to death but i just thought i would let you all know what i am getting up to at the moment.