Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Excel clothing wishlist

I recently spotted a clothes website that i hadn't come across before and they are running a wishlist competition so i couldn't resist especially as they have so many lovely items. Honestly i think i must of spent about over an hour just browsing.

Here is the link if you want to check it out and do some summer shopping or browsing yourself! :)

Excel Clothing

After a good browsing session these would most definitely be at the top of my wishlist.

 I love this as I'm really into floral despite my unnatural love of the colour black. Plus it's elegant, has a vintage look and seems like it would be very flattering.

Now i have a deep love of bags. Especially bags that can fit all my wonderful must have pieces of junk...Sorry i mean important "you never know when you will need this" items. I love the size, lines, the colour and of course the brand of this gorgeous bag.

Now i cannot imagine any female not wanting this gorgeous Michael Kor's watch among her collection. I love everything about it, from the watch face to the gorgeous colour.

Being just under 6ft and someone who likes to blend into the background. I find heels can be more of a nuisance and makes me stand out a little more than i desire. Hence i often like to opt for flats or low heels. These brogues are perfect and look super comfy.


Last but certainly not least is this Armani Ombre blouse. I can imagine wearing this with denim shorts or a white skirt. It would be rather fabulous with an array of accessories too. 

So that's my wishlist, although there is so much more i could add to it. I must refrain so i can prepare dinner for my hoard! :)