Friday, 14 December 2012

Ben Needham- Do you know the boy in the red top?

This isn't the first time i have blogged about Ben Needham but as i'm gradually returning to blogging i thought i would start with something important and something that i care about. I suppose that sounds silly as i have never known any of the Needham family and yet through the news over the years i feel like i truly do care about this little boy who was taken away from his loving mother and  i desperately want to hear the news that he has been found and that there is some sort of reunion with his family that has a happy ending.

Anyway, i will start by posting a link to a recent mirror article. The article highlights a new lead in the search for Ben and a photograph that was sent in by a greek woman.

The photograph was apparently taken in the Corinthia area of Greece sometime in 1995

Using the wonders of Google, Corinthia it seems can be called Korinthia.

The photograph of this lovely smiling little boy has many similarities to the baby photographs of Ben Needham. In fact so much so that it's hard to imagine that it isn't Ben. As i get people all around the world reading this blog i thought it wouldn't hurt for me to blog about it. There is always the hope that someone reading may know who the photograph is of.
If you do know who the young boy is (take into account the photograph was taken approx 1995) Then there is the official facebook page here where you will be able to find ways of contacting Ben's family to pass on the information to them.