Thursday, 7 February 2013

Death of the Paperback?...

I confess that i really love proper books and turning pages of a E-reader doesn't have the same feel to it. I have tried to get on with them, for example i do have a Sony E-reader and it's a wonderful gadget i suppose. However it's just not something i have really fallen in love with. I find it cold and not very relaxing when i am sat there propped up in bed with my E-reader, yet with a paperback i feel more comfortable and i can curl up into the covers and drift off into my imagination.
However i was offered a book recently, in PDF form from an author and i politely turned it down. I know..I know..You're probably thinking "Ungrateful Cow" but is it right to accept something knowing that you probably won't use it?

So my question is..Does anyone read a normal book anymore? or do you favour E-Readers?

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  1. I haven't gone over to an e-reader yet, but I will be getting a tablet at some point this year, partly because it'll have an e-reader. I will miss proper books, but I won't miss the space they take up! xx