Friday, 14 June 2013

Spotted : Facebook Bullies

I had to post this as i find it shocking that facebook allows these "spotted" type pages.

The other week i noticed a fair few of my Facebook friends liking these particular pages, most appeared to quickly unlike but  i had a look...Well you have to right? (Yeah yeah I'm a nosy moo) Anyway i was shocked to say the least that these pages are allowed on Facebook. It seems like it is just a place where anonymous bullies..or cowards as i like to call them, Rip into people, the language is usually foul and they give so much info out about a person that they are picking on. I am shocked the comments and pages are allowed to stay.  Then you have the desperate Doris type that go something like "who is that girl/boy who works at such and such a place, i'd give him one" ...Well you get the idea.

Sometimes i really hate technology and i especially hate the way bullying seems to be more and more accepted when it's being conducted online and on social media sites.

There you have it - My whinge for the day.


  1. Did you get my email? If you haven;t answered by wednesday I will pick another thanks

  2. great blog, i was bullied threatend over facebook by a girl who used to be my friend saying she was gonna stab me, i went to the police and basicly got laughed at by the non police worker who was on the desk she didnt wanna take it serously and said they cant do anything untill she stabs , anyway we made a complaint about the woman but the police said all they could do was make a report which was at least something because if anything happend they know who to arrest. but law needs to be tougher they need to question these bullys and arrest them ect if the law was tougher on ppl this wouldnt happen.

    anyway sorry to ramble x but great blog intresting post.
    if you like to read my blog heres a link

  3. Ah that's awful Caroline. It seems that the police can only do anything nowadays when it's too late. Bullying should be stamped on, no matter if it is in the school playground or on social media. I hope this girl has now left you alone?
    I will take a look at your blog too :)