Monday, 24 October 2011

Christmas Shopping - Bah Humbug.

Another one pops in my email inbox. Taunting me yet again as if to say "You still won't be ready when the time comes"  Yes..Christmas emails.  Get 20% off if you purchase tonight, it would make a great Christmas gift. Yeah right...or "Buy now while stocks last, It's just what your loved one will want this Christmas.

Let's just ignore the fact that we all know that by December 23rd everything gift wise will be half the price it is now.

Now vouchers..Such an easy option that always seem fairly appreciated and it means your loved ones can buy what they want after Christmas when everything is on sale, but with that comes a lack of thought, nothing to really hold and admire on christmas day and the knowledge of whoever gets the vouchers will have to deal with hoards of *sweaty & over stuffed on turkey* boxing day people who are desperately trying to grab that last cr*ppy tube of fake snow and those much wanted reindeer socks that are only really suitable for the Christmas week. Maybe they are too drunk from Christmas booze to realize that it doesn't make much sense or even worse they are just one of those awful people who happen to have Christmas for the next year all sorted by the end of January. These are totally awful people who make me look completely useless. Grrrr

Yes you have guessed it i really hate Christmas..well no that's a lie. I actually love Christmas. I just hate the hours of shopping for the perfect gift. The expense of it all. The ramming Christmas down my throat in September. The unrealistic expectations of children who still like to hold on to the idea of "Santa" yet old enough to know that the jolly fat man gets rather a  lot of help from tired parents who haven't yet managed to win the lottery.



  1. Hehe, great blog!

    Christmas is easier for me this year than usual, because of the wedding we're hardly buying for anyone :) Problem solved!

    I also love Christmas, and it's going to be hard (in all seriousness) not to spend on people x

  2. Yes it's always hard not to spend, i always seem to go over budget and then spend the following year paying off it all off. :) x

    Just call me scrooge! haha