Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Syria doesn't have anything we want

It's a blunt and straight to the point heading but it's the only reason i can think of as to why we are not helping the innocent people who have been dying over there for the last 2 weeks.

I rarely watch the news, it's either government funds related or celeb orientated non news or at least it seems that way but i did manage to catch the news yesterday and was horrified at how bad things were in Syria, and how little of it had been publicized in the newspapers.Well certainly not on the front pages anyway.

Today there will no doubt be a rush of reporting as one female reporter Marie Colvin for the Sunday Times has sadly died. I watched a news report yesterday and she was reporting over the phone, it must be one of the most frightening places in the world at the moment and there is no doubt that she was one very brave woman.  However as much as i find this all so tragic. Why is it that it takes her loss for people to be outraged, why not the loss of the little boy, the fathers or all the other deaths that have happened over these few weeks. She obviously wanted to highlight how bad it is there, make us take notice and get these people the help they so need.

I really pray that someone will help these people. Before it's too late.

R.I.P. Marie Colvin, French photojournalist Remi Ochlik and all the other innocent victims in Syria.


  1. They can't have much oil or us and America would be in there like stink. It's disgusting how little care we have for people when we can't rape their countries of their resources.

  2. No they don't. They have nothing worth taking so nobody will help them. It saddens me to think what a selfish bunch of b*****ds are in control. Who cares as long as it isn't in our back yard?