Friday, 17 February 2012

Yummy Devil's Bridge chocolate & Roll Pizzas

While passing through we stopped off at Devil's Bridge in Aberystwyth the other day and my daughter grabbed some gorgeous chocolate so i just had to mention it. I love edible yummy things, especially when different and especially when chocolate!

They had loads of different chocolate to pick from, some with gummy frogs in! Nuts, fruit, oh there was so much choice it was like being in chocolate heaven.

If you're ever passing through Aberystwyth do stop off and pick some up!
Delicious Chocolate

Anyway tonight i ummed and ahhed over what to do for dinner and the kids as usual wanted to help so we opted for the quick and easy Roll Pizza's and yes they are as simple as they sound but the kids love making them and adding their own toppings, it's so simple even a toddler could get involved in making them. Tonight the kids had a tomato base, basil, cheese x 2, ham, olives, jalapeno peppers, sliced tomatoes.

They must of been good because they didn't last long and they didn't even save me one to try :(

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