Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A 15 year old girl's bucket list

I saw this posted on a couple of places and thought i would add it here. It should come with a warning as it is without a doubt very sad to read and she is one brave and beautiful young lady (with a very cute dog!).

To get to the point young Alice has terminal cancer and is trying to tick off things on her bucket list and i hope her and her family manage to complete as many of them as possible. If anyone reading this is able to help her with ticking off something on her bucket list i'm sure her and her family would really appreciate it and her blog is linked below.

One thing on her list is :- To make everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor
So the link to sign up is here

Alice has put "You only have one life... live it" in her blog title. I have to say that i agree with that totally. Everyone always thinks they will have time to do this that and the other but in truth our time on this planet could be much shorter than we imagine it to be. So grasp life with two hands and go and do what you keep putting off.

My love and prayers go to Alice and her family.

To check out Alice's blog click here > Alice's Bucket List

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