Sunday, 5 June 2011

Morrisons does it again! Party Cake Kit

I'm becoming quite a fan of Morrisons and especially the cake kits they now sell.

Today we tried the Vanilla Flavour Party Cake kit which serves 10. At the time of buying this last week there was some sort of offer on the Cake kits, i have a feeling it was 2 for £2 (My memory is a bit rubbish..sorry!) which really is a bargain and a couple of these would go down well at a party and i suppose if you wanted to decorate them with other sweets you have purchased then you could. The kits are quick to make, even easy for a child to do as long as parents supervise with the actual cooking. Mine have been making these kits each weekend and enjoying them afterwards!. This kit gets decorated with Dolly Mixtures and the sponge is perfect. Really light and fluffy and when it's iced it's sweet but not too sweet if you know what i mean. There is no artificial colours or flavours and they seem to have all the ingredients down perfectly. Usually with kits there can be not enough icing so the cake never looks like it does on the box but this was just right.

As an added bonus it even comes with it's own dispoosable baking tray so you don't have to worry if you will have the right sized tray at home. Something which i always find a bit of a problem when buying kits and then bringing them home. Don't get me wrong i also bake without taking the easy route of cake kits but as me and the kids bake on a frequent basis sometimes it's nice to have everything there and weighed out for you. I usually find it creates less of a mess in the kitchen too!

So ten out of ten to Morrisons with this kit. I will be making sure this is a regular on the shopping list.


  1. This is by far the best kit we have tried. :) They don't take long to make either, we made it after lunch and the kids had some after their dinner tonight.