Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rubbish Car and Mouthy Art.

You remember i told you that some arse had damaged our car? well we heard who did it but don't have proof (this time!). I have been told that neighbours saw it happen but obviously they didn't feel the need to tell us in person so it really hacked me off. Though i strongly believe in Karma and know that one day it will come back and smack them in the face (Karma that is !) . It angers me even more that the person turns out to be a drunk adult and not a child.

Anyway while it's being repaired at my expense we have been given a totally cr*ppy and rubbish Vauxhall Agila. If you own one i am so very sorry, you have my sympathy. They must have given us the basic model, it has no central locking, no electric windows, no air conditioning. It feels like you are sitting up in the sky somewhere when seated in it. The indicator makes a loud noise/ tune that is just plain irritating and must be for those who drive while on their mobile phones or the music turned up full so they can hear that it's on and turn the annoying thing off. It's a really dumbed down car for Vauxhall to put their name too. Don't get me wrong i usually love Vauxhall cars, for example the Astra is a great car with a sound engine but the Agila?! It's like a very bad april fools joke and i can't wait till the hideous thing goes back and our car is back home where it belongs.

On to a nicer subject " Mouthy Art " The woman who runs this makes cute and unusual products out of fimo and i spotted a cute lunchbox charm bracelet and asked her if she would make two for my girls. Delivery was super fast and the product was much better than i imagined. I kind of thought it might be a bit flimsy and that i would be a tad disappointed on arrival but no, the bracelets are ever so cute and my girls love them.

She does custom orders so don't be afraid to ask her and if you have a picture of your pet she can make it out of fimo and they come out ever so good, she has some on her facebook albums that you can check out.

If you want to check her out on facebook for yourself the link is Mouthy Art

Anyway, that's it from me for tonight. Hope everyone is well! Chat to you soon X


  1. Those bracelets are really cool!

    I hope you keep a beady eye on the fucker who did this! x

  2. Oh we will, i will be ready for them next time. X