Saturday, 5 November 2011

Things i love this week

I think i might make this a regular thing. There is a few things i really love this week that it's worthy of a blog post...Well i think so anyway.

1. My family. (boring but true but they are pretty great!)

 2. Ed Sheeran's Lego house video! It's clever, funny and well as my 12 year old would say "Awesome"

3. My glamour magazine freebie Nail polish! Nails Inc in Victoria which is a deep red. I must make the effort to try out their other Nail Varnishes as i love the way this goes on and even though this colour wouldn't be my first choice in colours i was pleasantly surprised.  You should go grab a copy of Glamour if you haven't already, they have various other colours to pick from and you can see the colours through the packet so can choose what you like. I have a subscription so had no choice but i'm happy with the one i received.

4. F&F 3 Button long pull-on boots that i purchased for both my girls. They are a reasonable £12.50 and i doubled up my tesco vouchers so had £40 to shop with so treated them to a pair each.

You can check them out for yourself here
3 Button pull on boots

5. Another pair of boots but much cheaper!  F&F Faux sheepskin boots at £6 a pair! They are half price at the moment and i doubt they will last long. Really these must be my bargain of the week! 
Click on the link to check them out! Tesco Bargain Faux sheepskin boots


  1. I need to get me some Glamour mags! Nice to see you back blogging. x

  2. They are well worth a buy, especially with such a good freebie this month :)

    The new issue of Elle is supposed to have some sort of £20 giftcard this month so i will be buying that too

    P.S. it's nice to be back :) x