Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Windows, Pet Hate and Well Done me!

Ok finding time to blog has been rather difficult this last week, as we have had new windows fitted meaning we have had to kind of gut the house and clear out some junk. (everyone in this house hoards stuff!) Plus i haven't been feeling 100%.  The windows do look nice though, bar the holes in the wall that seem to have happened getting the windows in place. Anyway hopefully the new windows will cut out some of the outside noise and the house in general will be warmer. *fingers crossed*

Now onto my pet hate- I need to get this out and it's been annoying me since..well forever. Why do some people with dogs let their dogs loose when they see a sign which says "all dogs must be kept on a lead" or "no dogs allowed*

For example. near my youngest daughters school there is a play park in a big grassy area. A sign as i mentioned above says something about no dogs allowed, or something very similar. I will take a photo of it and hopefully get the chance to upload it this week. Since my daughter started there i have noticed people taking their dogs to the park and they are just letting them off the lead to pee, poo and play ball. This is a play park. Dogs are not children and while we are on the i also don't agree with dressing dogs up as little dolls either, but each to their own i suppose. I do doubt that any of the people i have seen lately have bags to pick up after their little rovers/Maisie's.

Anyway i suppose what i am saying is a child should be able to play in a playground without fear of coming home with worms or something even nastier, including a dog bite. These pet owners annoy me. They obviously think the sign is for everyone else and not them. If you want a dog, be responsible. Geez i have a dog (and gorgeous he is too!) I wouldn't let him off the lead, especially in a play park even if children were not present at the time and i wouldn't think twice about picking up his *number twos* when he is walked. Of course it isn't a nice job but neither is working in McDonald's and people do that!

On a final note, At 9pm on the 14th November i gave up smoking £6-7 a packet cigarettes. Yes it hasn't been long but this is a miracle for me. I am lucky if i can give up for an hour usually. How am i doing it? With the help of a Halo of course..yes it honestly does work! Now i can forget about all those harmful chemicals, yucky tar and horrible smell and hopefully it will also help improve my circulation over time.


  1. Congrats on giving up.

    People who let their dogs shit everywhere do my head in. There's a small memorial garden at the end of my road, and there is a poo bin there. The other day some lazy arse had bagged up their dog's poo and thrown it on the floor in front of the bin. I despair!!

  2. Thanks x

    Oh that is awful, even more so being a memorial garden and why do they hang it on trees? Argh they make me want to scream...seriously.