Friday, 4 November 2011

The big issue

I haven't purchased the big issue in years, mainly because i have never seen anyone locally selling it. I suppose that comes from living in a fairly rural area.
The other day though i spotted a man selling them outside the local co-op and thought i would buy one. I was surprised at how many good and informative articles it had in it since the last time i picked up a copy.

The front cover stood out, i love the classic old type adverts but i have to wonder if back then people would of struggled to believe that there would be a day when you couldn't feed your family for £50 a week.

I actually don't think that's such a huge ask, i often shop around for bargains and i could quite easily make the £50 target and i'm in a family of five but i suppose to make the budget i would have to include reduced items. One day i managed to get those sauces for pasta that are usually in the chiller dept. for the nice reduced price sum of 5p each. They are usually getting on for £2 and the good thing was they were freezable. I do like shopping for bargains though, food included but i'm careful with meat because of how quick it seems to turn and go bad.

There is several other interesting articles, for example why is adoption so hard in Britain and the vendors view which is quite interesting to read, i'm very interested in people and what makes them who they are, i guess that's why i'm hoping to be a psychologist one day .

Oh and after buying the Big Issue i ran back into the co-op and purchased the vendor who i bought mine from a lucky dip lottery ticket. I really hope he wins! Sometimes it's nice to do something for someone else a bit less fortunate however gives you a nice feeling inside and can make someones day.


  1. Buying him a lucky dip ticket was so nice of you! Many years ago on a cold dark day I bought a homeless person a portion of chips and a can of coke. He was so grateful it almost made me cry.

    Little things we can do for a homeless person mean virtually nothing to us but the world to them. The world would be a better place if we all helped out those less fortunate once in a while.

    I so hope they win something! x

  2. It is an unbeatable feeling to do something for someone else just because you can x

    I hope he won something too x :)

  3. I definitely think you could do that...if you shop around for the sales. :)