Thursday, 24 March 2011

Just Sometimes...

I really get the urge to scream..not a little pathetic scream but one that can be heard from miles around and send shivers down the spine of the bravest men.

It's the little things in life that get to me sometimes. Fake people, you know the ones. Those who pretend they are all nicey nice but really the halo slipped years ago and that's even if they had one to start with. I just have such a big problem with people who are two faced...and then there is the problem of which one to smack first. *cough* Just kidding of course. Instead i do my best to treat those around me as i would like to be treated myself and avoid the fake people that i meet on the journey of life as much as i possibly can. Ok so that doesn't stop me cursing them in my head but i'm pretty sure that's allowed.  Next on my urge to scream list are those who lie, some even do it by starting off with a little bit of truth and then obviously think to themselves "oh but it sounds so much better in my head like this..and then this..oh and let's not forget this" ..Come on folks this is pathetic. Something schoolchildren perhaps do when they don't know any better. Any adults doing it should just be lined up against a wall and shot constantly hit with a wet fish.

Oh and sometimes..Just sometimes i'm totally shattered and need my sleep. (Yes it does happen!)
So for now i will retire to my bed and just have wonderful dreams about Karma and how eventually people do end up getting what they dished out.
Night Night x

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