Friday, 25 March 2011

Number 1

Go on..have a giggle at the title!

Right well i was going to start a topic regarding 100 things i wanted to do before i die...but i thought that was a bit morbid. After all what happens if i complete all 100 things? Will i be ready to die?...Doubtful.

So instead i am making this 100 things to do before i'm 50. That gives me 18 years. If i haven't done them in 18 years then chances are i won't be doing them... ever.

Number 1 - A hot air balloon ride.
I have always fancied this, being up so high that people just look like ants ready to be squished. It would also be nice to get away from the noise of the towns and feel so free among the clouds and among the little birdies. I just realised that probably makes me sound like a crazy new age chicken spanker..

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