Friday, 25 March 2011

Why picking oranges?

Well my first couple of blog name choices had all been taken so i thought i would see if the title from one of my favourite songs by the wonderful Leddra Chapman was available and i was quite surprised to see it was free for the taking.

Leddra Chapman is a very talented singer folk singer from Essex, as talented as she is it seems that some people still haven't even heard of her. I listen to her songs on my pc daily at the moment, such as the popular Story, Summer Song,Wine Glass, Picking Oranges and Edie. From what i can gather she sings about her experiences and she has also sung a very comical song in Sark (You need to Youtube it..!) and a cover of F*ck you with Ed Sheeran which i thought was great considering i'm pretty sure they had a few drinks before covering it.. She is much more preferable to me than the rubbish that is being churned out in the charts lately.

Anyway, long version short. Picking Oranges is one of my favourite songs. Hence the name of the blog.

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