Saturday, 9 April 2011

High Cholesterol

The last few weeks i have had people commenting on two white patches i have under one eye and it got me quite curious as to what it was. I needed to see the doctor yesterday and brought it up. I was surprised to hear that it is a sign of high cholesterol as i have always thought i have a fairly decent low fat diet. Anyway she took some bloods and i just need to wait to hear back. I am in my early 30's and for some reason only associated it before with slightly older people. I hope it's not going to be drastically high and i really want the white patches to go away...oh and the big black panda eyes. It's also made me feel old. I hate that. I'm still 14-16 in my head and just sometimes i wish (like most of us) that i could rewind back to the days of no responsibilty and the time when most days were a bundle of laughs and loads of fun. Back then though all i wanted to do was grow up and have everyone treat me as an adult. How i wish i could of enjoyed my youth and not wished it all away.

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