Monday, 4 July 2011

Oh i do like to be beside the seaside

Me and hubby have spent a lovely afternoon in Goodwick Harbour this afternoon. It's easy to forget how lucky we are to have the sea right on our doorstep.

There were quite a few people about making the most of the sunshine. It really is a perfect day, sunny yet with a lovely breeze and there is something quite refreshing sitting down, looking out at the sea and breathing in the sea air.

There was plenty of pesky seagulls as normal waiting for passers by to drop a bit of food.

We spotted a very happy border collie having a splash about in the water and then running across the sand, shaking himself off near his owner and then burying his toys.

I loved looking at all the different pebbles that have been washed ashore, hubby managed to find some really nice layered ones. I tried looking for fossils but unfortunatly couldn't find any. There was plenty of crabs,snails and mussels about though. Our youngest daughter always ends up with pocketfuls of pebbles when she comes here.
I hope you have had as nice a day as i have. :)


  1. Looks like a brilliant day! Let's hope the lovely weather lasts :) x

  2. Your blog post inspired me to make one about my day :) I didn't do pretty patterns with stuff i had found though..saving that for next time. :) X