Saturday, 23 July 2011

Snowdonia Holiday

Today we arrived home from our holiday in Snowdonia.

Apart from two days which were a wash out (Literally!) We had a good time. We visited the Great Orme Copper Mine, The Welsh Mountain Zoo, Anglesey Model Village and Gardens,Welsh Slate Quarry Museum Llanberis and we also drove around Snowdon and stopped off at various points to take photographs and enjoy the views.

The Anglesey Model Village was a bit disappointing. It is a fairly reasonable price wise to get in but it takes up only about 15-30 minutes. The names of the mini shops are quite amusing...for example Dan Druff- Hairdresser and i suppose if the sun is shining it would make it worthwhile to visit if you're passing. Children get a quiz to fill in as they go around and this seemed to occupy ours. They also have a small cafe which sells a limited amount of souvenirs. Anglesey Model Village

The Great Orme Copper Mine seemed to be a hit with hubby and the children. At 5ft 11 i was constantly hitting my head on something. Thankfully the helmet you get given stopped me having a serious injury! Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed it but my shoes don't have brilliant grip so in some parts i was crapping myself :) Yes i'm a wimp!Honestly if you are in the area it is well worth a visit  Great Orme Mines

The Welsh Mountain Zoo was brilliant, i could of spent several days there. The cost to get in is fair seeing as it can easily take up a day. The birds of prey display, Sea lion show and penguin feeding were great to watch. I loved the Red Panda, i have never seen one before and it was very cute. The children loved the Sea Lion show, it was a  really nice experience for them and they are still talking about it. The Brown Bears were another great thing to see, especially as one was having so much fun cracking into and eating a coconut.
Welsh Mountain Zoo

A really worthwhile and cheap day out which i highly recommend would be the Welsh Slate Quarry Museum in Llanberis. It's free to get in! and has so much to explore. It's another place that could easily take up a day. After visiting we went to have a look at the lake that is just a minutes walk away, i let our two girls paddle in the water as it was shallow where we were and our youngest ended up getting a cut on her thumb. We walked over to the Quarry Museum as that was where the nearest first aid kit was and she ended up passing out on me after getting a plaster put on her thumb. It must of looked quite a picture me and her on the floor with her white as a sheet. Anyway as it was quite a deep cut we had to detour to the nearest doctors so she could get some butterfly stitches. She is now very proud of her thumb and can't wait to show it off to friends...!

Anyway that's about it from me for the moment, i will update tomorrow with some more holiday snaps and no doubt have something else to chat about by then.

While i think of it R.I.P. To the people who died in Norway and the young and talented singer Amy Winehouse. *Both tragic news*


  1. I'm glad you had a nice holiday.

    It's awful about Amy Winehouse and all the people who died in Norway. It's a sad weekend indeed x

  2. Great pictures! I'm starting to imagine myself staying at cottages snowdonia and getting a look at those attractions.