Saturday, 9 April 2011

100 things to do before i'm 50 - Number 2

100 things to do before i'm 50. That gives me 18 years. If i haven't done them in 18 years then chances are i won't be doing them... ever.

Ok well this is a follow on from one of my previous posts. Number 1 being a Hot Air ballooon ride.

I have had to carefully think about what would come next and i think i have it, though really it should of been my number 1 choice but i suppose it doesn't matter what order they are listed in.

Wing Walking is something i have always fancied and i would love to give it a go. I looked it up and apparently you can't do it for charity which is a shame as i would of loved to have done it and raised money for the MND charity or the Alzheimer's Society.

Anyway i will be back with number 3 when i have given it enough thought.

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