Tuesday, 26 April 2011

End of the day.

Tonight i am child free, very unusual for that to happen but Nanny has taken my three devils off my hands for two nights. I must admit i still ring fairly often just to check they are behaving and that they are ok. It's not that i don't trust wonderful Nanny with the kids, it's just that it's a very rare occasion when i don't have them and everything seems so quiet and empty.

Now i'm not saying my kids scream the house down as they don't, and i'm not saying they always argue with each other. Though they do quite often but it's more of a case of "no that's mine, get your own" little tiffs
My children bring with them laughter and chaos that i really miss when it's not there.

Anyway today i have had a beautiful sunny day out at a local castle, seems many people had the same idea as i have never seen it so busy. I took my usual 100+ photographs but the sky was a bit drab today and i wasn't really impressed with any i took. Probably more to do with my lack of enthusiam rather than the sky but i thought i would blame it on something that was out of my control.

Anyway aside from that i have just scoffed some gorgeous Kshocolat chilli almonds

which are very hot but so very nice at the same time and now i think i will go and collapse into bed and get stuck in to my psychology books so i have a head start when my course starts in October.

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