Monday, 11 April 2011

Jeremy Bamber Killer or Innocent?

I hadn't heard of this man till this evening when i watched an episode of Crimes that shook Britain.

In a bizarre way i find these kind of programmes quite interesting and usually without hesitation i can say "oh yes he/she did it"  but in this episode i struggled to see enough evidence to sway me.

Nowadays the news seems to be full of murdering scum who are without a doubt guilty with mountains of strong evidence to back that up but they are let out within 10/15 years and yet with weak flawed evidence Jeremy Bamber was sentenced to five life terms with a minimum of 25 years before he could apply for parole, and although he has served that it appears that he may never get out because in 1994 the Home Secretary ruled he must spend the rest of his life in jail

If like me you were unaware of who he is. Jeremy Bamber is a man who was convicted in England in 1986 of having murdered five members of his adoptive family. Though at first it appeared as if his mentally ill sister had commited the crimes.The evidence in the documentary and on what sent him to jail seemed so weak and very flawed. The police don't seem to have done a good job with collecting,noting or preserving the evidence they have/had.

I would hate to think that an innocent man could of been locked up for all of these years. Lost such a big chunk of his life and not only lost his family in such a horrific way but also be labelled and locked away as their killer.

I suppose part of me would love to see a new fair trial for this case, one where all the evidence is presented. For both the prosecution and the defence. One where nothing is withheld from either side and perhaps one where we can be 100% sure that the correct person is being punished for his crimes and that nobody is out there now getting away with murder.

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