Friday, 29 April 2011

What a fine pair!

I am of course talking about Catherine Middleton and Prince William.

I must admit i am not an avid supporter of the royal family and was determined not to be sucked into all the "hoo ha" of the wedding but alas that failed slightly this morning when my youngest requested that we turn on the tv so she could see the wedding dress and watch some of the royal wedding. Luckily they were already seated in the church by this time and i plonked myself down next to my daughter to "casually" watch the event of the year.

What first struck me was how in love they both seemed and how they shared private giggles and chats together. Something normal people would do. Something that showed them to be human. Catherine looked radiant and her dress wasn't what i expected. I expected something way over the top and to be fair a bit old fashioned but instead she looked elegant in a gorgeous dress that showed off her lovely figure.

They both looked like they should do on their wedding day. Happy.

I just hope that everyone will stop comparing the poor girl to William's mother and that the stress that must exist with becoming a member of the royal family doesn't become too much for Catherine and that this union of the pair will have a "happy ever after" ending.


  1. It was beautiful to watch and I think they're truly in love. If the press try to compare her to Princess Diana all the time they deserve a smack in the chops - she's her own woman, and we've yet to see her truly shine.

  2. It was a beautiful day and they both seem to be very genuine. I think Diana should be left to rest in peace She will never be forgotten but it really isn't fair to compare the two women and it's time people moved on.