Friday, 22 April 2011

Booking a Summer Holiday

This year i can't take my son out of school on term time as he has mock exams and i don't fancy being brought in front of the head and feeling like a naughty schoolgirl (oh i remember those days so well!)

So i booked a holiday in North Wales in the Summer holidays. I have to love the inflation of a few hundred pounds just because you have to go at a conveniant time of the year for children who have exams coming up. We went away for four days last year and i felt like my children were paying the price for it on their reports "You should try and obtain better attendance" They have between 94-96% but no in this day and age obviously that's just not good enough. They must of had the 5 days off for our holiday (one day was travelling home) and 1-2 days off sick. It's silly really. I feel quite sorry for the teachers who have no choice but to go in term time.

No doubt we will all have a wonderful time and i will enjoy not having to cook and it will all be worth it in the end but until then i will moan about the price charged for those of us who have no option but to go on holiday at peak time or just forget having a holiday at all..which is what it will come to if petrol prices keep increasing.

Whinge over..well for now at least.

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