Friday, 22 April 2011

Beautiful Badges

I have to give a mention to a friend i have made on the wonderful world of twitter. She makes amazing button badges and i recently purchased with her and to be truthful i wasn't expecting much (after all they are just badges..they are all the same aren't they?!) but on arrival i had this lovely package which included some great quality business cards and the badges were all wrapped up carefully in lovely thin paper.The first thing i noticed was what great quality they were along with the fast delivery. I gave out the business cards to friends whose children started demanding some after they had seen my oldest daughter's which are covering her school bag.

My girls had some JLS ones made and although she didn't advertise these on her website at the time she sent me some for my girls as an added extra! How nice is that.

Next on my list to buy is some gamer ones for my son and some others for the girls as they have chosen to collect them after seeing how nice they are.

I urge you to check out her website. Badges are only 79p and you won't be disappointed. You can even ask her on twitter or her website for custom orders! Ideal for birthdays,party bags,hen/stag nights,brightening up a bag,jacket or just for a bit of fun! Twitter account - @funkimunkibadge


  1. Thank you SO much! If Funki Munki ever gets big enough to need a promotions team, you're in! x x x

  2. Haha Funki Munki is the next BIG thing! Love the badges so much, there is literally a badge for everyone x