Monday, 25 April 2011

Finding Keith

I saw this mentioned on Loquax and thought i would highlight it here.

I'm sure the Moors Murders is in most peoples memory as will be the evil duo Ian Brady and Myra Hindley who commited the crimes.

If so please spare a thought for Winnie Johnson whose son was never found. Ian Brady will never give up the location of this poor childs body but the above website has been set up as a new search is about to start to locate him body and hopefully allow his mother to give him a funeral and get some sort of peace that she so deserves after all these years. They need to fund this search so welcome donations from those who would like to do their bit to help.

What makes this even sadder than it already is, is that poor Winnie has cancer.

I really hope that we will hear in the not so distant future that Keith has been found and as for the still living Ian Brady..well i hope he rots in hell for the suffering he caused Keith, the others and their loved ones.

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