Sunday, 1 May 2011

Goodbye Salt

Hubby has high blood pressure so i am very careful on what we buy and constantly have to check the salt content in foods yet hubby likes his crisps and before now they have always had a very high salt content so we try and avoid them but last week while doing my usual browse around Morrisons i came across some SeaBrook Goodbye Salt Hello Flavour crisps.

I don't think hubby was that keen when i spotted them and mentioned them to him. He is of the opinion that anything without salt, with little salt or advertised as "healthy" must lack flavour. Anyway i picked up two multipacks (the only two flavours i could spot on the shelf). If he didn't eat them i'm sure me or the children would.

I purchased a Jacket Potato with Caramelised onion multipack and Jacket Potato with Ketchup. The other day he grabbed a packet of the Ketchup ones and seemed to like them as he polished them off quick enough, though he did say they have a very strong flavour and are quite sweet. Today he tried a packet of the Caramelised onion and he seemed even more keen on those. Personally i think they are both lovely and much better and healthier than normal crisps.

I totally recommend everyone giving them a try. Crisps contain way too much salt and Seabrook proves that you can produce crisps with 90% less salt and still make them taste great.


  1. Sadly they're still fairly unhealthy, 10g of fat per bag or pretty much a 3rd of a bag is fat content & they're a whopping 168 calories a bag.

  2. Thanks for that, i just spotted the fat content after reading your post and checking the bag. I will still buy them due to the low salt content and the nice flavour but i think they will be more of a treat rather than a daily snack.