Saturday, 28 May 2011

Discovering Psychology & Brownies

Sorry for the two days with lack of posting. If i'm truthful i couldn't think of a subject worth blogging about.

Today though i was filling out my OU forms and thought i would blog a little bit about the course i am taking and my hopes for the future.

In November all going well i am starting the OU DSE141 course in Discovering Psychology. I have always thought that it's never too late to better yourself and learn something new. I'm aiming high as i want the end result to be a BSc (Honours) in Psychology.

To give me a bit of a start and to get my brain working along the right lines i have been reading two fairly informative and helpful books.One is Basics in Psychology and the other is Manwatching a field guide to human behaviour. The Basics in Psychology has some little tests to do at the end of each chapter which is ideal for me to help get what i'm reading to sink in.

Are you a mature student? Do you wish you could go back and study something you're interested in?

Oldest daughter struck again today and made some delicious white chocolate brownies so i thought i would show a piccy of them. She has the potential to make a great chef one day..and i'm not just saying that because i'm her mum. Well...ok maybe i am.

The song for this evening is The Who - Behind blue eyes.


  1. I have a little interest in psychology myself, but in an amateur 'I like working out how people tick' way, rather than a 'get off my arse and do something about it' way, like you do :) Good luck with it all. I've always had an interest in languages, and will go back to learning Swedish as soon as I find the disk!

    The brownies look lovely!

  2. I would really like to learn Italian as on my mothers side we are *Italian* It's just a pity i never got round to learning it when my Nan was alive.