Thursday, 12 May 2011

Love, Aubrey among other things

I was thinking about death the other day, not really in a morbid type way but over the last couple of years we have dealt with some very close family deaths in a very short space of time. I just happened to browse Waterstones and came across a book for children titled Love, Aubrey. It has some great reviews and i think my oldest two will enjoy reading it. I might give it a read even though it looks like it is quite a tearjerker. I will add a review when it arrives and let you know what i think.

"Something terrible has happened. Eleven-year-old Aubrey is on her own. ‘It was fun at first, playing house. Nothing to think about but T.V and cheese. A perfect world.’ She’s determined to hide away and take care of herself, because facing the truth is too much to bear. ‘I couldn’t let anyone know that I was alone. I was staying right here.’ But with the love of her grandmother and the letters she writes, can Aubrey begin to see that even though she’s lost everything – all is not lost?"

On my to do list for tomorrow is attempting to make Banana and Cherry Muffins. I spotted the recipe in the latest Morrisons magazine. Very sorry Tesco  but i have found the saving on my shopping bill to be quite significant even without clubcard points so have drifted to the other side for a few weeks. *hangs head in shame*

I can't recall the last time i baked muffins and i thought it would make a nice change to give the children a homemade snack to bring to school, plus the thought of eating one with my morning coffee is so tempting. If i do find time tomorrow and attempt it i will no doubt add the photos to the blog at some point. That is if they last long enough for me to photograph them.

Todays song of the day is Alanis Morissette - Thank You. I like her voice and natural style. Though last time i walked about naked in public i got arrested.

On a final note there has to be a big cheer as it's almost friday! I get quite excited when it gets near the weekend as i'm so not a mornings person and i know it won't be long and i can have a lay in. *i'm such a lazy moo* oh and i can't forget the chore of doing #FF on twitter. It wasn't so bad when i had a few followers, now i struggle to keep up. I wish twitter would add a simple way to go through all your followers. I hate realising afterwards that on a few occasions i have forgotten to recommend someone that really deserves a #FF


  1. I've been doing the blogging rounds and every single one has had some kinda yummy treat! I want to make banana and cherry muffins, they sounds so yummy!

  2. Hi Winnie,
    Thanks for popping in.
    If you would like i can post the recipe up tomorrow :) I'm sure mine won't come out looking quite as good as the magazine photo but im hoping they will at least taste as good as they sound x

  3. Why not use Follow Friday helper? Admittedly it only reminds you of the people you've interacted with in the last week, but I think if I haven't spoken to someone for a week, then they're probably not a decent bud anyway :) x

  4. Ah some of my tweetie friends struggle to keep up with chat as much as i do so sometimes i get to speak to them properly once a month. I will check it out though. Anything to make life a bit easier. Thanks x