Friday, 20 May 2011

Remember Ben Needham?

We have a wonderful son. He is almost 14 years old. We have really enjoyed watching him grow up. Yet sadly some people don't get the pleasure of watching their child grow up. Some people have their child snatched from them. In the majority of cases the parent/s aren't to blame. Ben Needham's mum is one of these people.
Someone out there had a use for her darling little boy, Someone out there probably watched him and then pounced in the short amount of time Ben was left unattended. They hadn't left him alone for anything more than a minute or two. They deserve answers. They deserve Government help. One thing is for sure they want to hold Ben in their arms and again, this they deserve.

Our Government is helping Madeleine Mccann's family to find her so i plead with the government to show the same courtesy to Ben's family. You cannot treat just one child as a special case. These children are equally important. All missing children are important. You have never done enough to help locate Ben. You owe it to him. You owe it to his family.

I believe in my heart that Ben is alive. There is nothing to say he isn't.

Some points to consider:-
Ben may not speak English.
Ben could be living in ANY country.
Ben may think whoever is bringing him up are his real parents.
Ben could have long/shaven hair

I seriously believe in the power of the internet and that it can make a difference. Maybe it could be you who recognises the picture of Ben? Maybe you have a friend or relative who you think looks very similar.

Maybe a young man is reading this who doesn't have any baby photographs of himself and maybe has always felt that he "didn't belong" Could you be Ben?

Ben has a loving family that want answers and want to be reunited with him. Just think to yourself for a minute. What would you do if you were in Ben's mums situation? Would you give up? Would you want the world to forget about your son? Would you want people to spend so much time into looking for another missing child yet act as like yours never existed?

Be truthful. You wouldn't. As parents we love our child/ren. If one day somebody took our child we would never stop looking for them. We would never give up hope. We would always want answers and we would want people to help in anyway they can.

Here is the website for Ben  HELPFINDBEN  Here is the twitter account Find Ben Needham Twitter Account Here is the facebook account HELPFINDBEN FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

You can also sign the petition here >  Help Find Ben

Please, if you are reading this consider printing a poster,Signing the petition, RTing a tweet or sharing on facebook. You might be the one to make a difference.

Every time i think of Ben or another missing child, this song sticks in my mind so i am posting it again.
Clannad - I Will Find You


  1. Tweeted, posted on Facebook, signed the petition. Hope they find him. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose your flesh and blood under these circumstances. x

  2. Thanks so much, every bit helps and i'm sure his family will be very grateful. It's heartbreaking x