Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Trying to quit

I am trying my best to quit smoking at the moment. It's the one true bad habit i have. I don't drink anymore and even when i did it was usually just the odd one or two vodkas to wind down in an evening on a Friday or Saturday night. *I think this may have something to do with having a few too many in my younger days and then throwing up all over my friends brother who was chatting me up at the time. *cringe moment*

However i was never addicted to drinking, and smoking is a much harder habit to break than i imagined. Most of my family are non smokers so why i felt the need to sneak off with a friend and have a couple of puffs when i was just eleven i will never really know. We did it on two occasions that i remember and i never touched them again till i reached the age of fourteen. My foster sister was older and more outgoing than me and she smoked. When she first offered me one i took it. I wanted to fit in, i hadn't long arrived and i didn't want to be the odd one out.I coughed and spluttered and her and her friend laughed. I remember feeling embarrassed so i made it my mission over the next few weeks to learn to smoke. I always looked older so buying them was never a problem. After the first week it began to get easier. The coughing my lungs up stopped and i began smoking like a pro. Me and my foster sister started making it a regular thing where we would go out for a walk and a ciggy and at the time it felt good to be accepted.

However now i am 18 years older and have realised i want need to quit. Not just for myself but for my family. Though i really wish it wasn't so damn hard. The patches are good, they stop my foul "i need a ciggy" mood but the 24 hour patch seems to only do me any good for the first 8 hours. Oh and just for a bit of info:- Don't ever leave the patches on for longer than recommended. I did and ended up with it burning my skin and blistering. I fully admit this was my fault. I left it on for 8 hours longer than it should of been. A very stupid mistake which i won't be making again.

Anyway, i will quit smoking. It will be a struggle and i know that for me it won't be an overnight process but i am hopeful that in the not too distant future i will be able to put smoking behind me.

Have you ever given up something? Do you have a bad habit you want to break?

The song for tonight is Kelly Osbourne ft. Ozzy Osbourne - Changes 


  1. Good luck :).

    Helen, X

  2. The hardest habit I've ever tried to quit is my eating. Losing weight is the hardest thing ever. You can avoid drink, drugs and smoking (although it can be the most difficult thing ever to do so) but no one can avoid food. I think I'll struggle with it until the day I die.

    Good luck with it! Have you tried Champix? x