Monday, 9 May 2011

Song of the day 9th May plus cake

Two posts in one today as i have had a Migraine since this morning and that's made me feel all yucky and generally not in a posting mood.

My oldest daugher did the nicest thing yesterday and turned my kitchen into world war three, well actually she did do something very nice. She baked her brother a huge Minstrels chocolate cake with vanilla icing for his return from Army Camp. It is gorgeous and well worth all the mess she made.

It is really moist and has chocolate fudge icing in the centre, decorated with vanilla butter icing, chocolate sprinkles and minstrels. Honestly i'm one very proud mum. At 12 years old she can create this all by herself, So in a few years time you had better watch out Nigella Lawson!

As for the song for today it's from one of my favourite singers who has been mentioned on my blog before as one of her songs was the inspiration behing my blogs name. This singers name is Leddra Chapman.

This song is just beautiful, as is she. I guess it's ok to say that about another woman now i'm all grown up.

Have a listen. Hopefully you will like it just as much as i do.

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