Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Window shopping and Bob Marley

Today i have indulged in some online window shopping. Is there even such a thing?

I have found many wonderful online shops run by your average person just trying to make a living and admiring the talent of those people who sit and create items such as sock monkeys, door stops, clothes, jewellery and badges. If it was nearer christmas i would of started stocking up but i really haven't the room to start collecting stuff in May and storing it through the year.
I have also been checking out spring sales and looking for a bikini for when i go on holiday. My main trouble is i find something i like and then i find another i like and so on. Then i get all confused about which one to buy. Typical.

Swimhut have several nice ones to choose from. SWIMHUT

I like this one but it kind of reminds me of the bikinis of the 80's so that puts me off a bit. I still haven't ruled it out though and it's on my maybe list.It's on sale for £29 so quite a bargain.

Next up is another one from Swimhut. I like the Terracotta colour but i'm not fully convinced it would suit me. It's also reversable but the coffee colour on the other side would suit a blonde more than a brunette i think. This one is £59
I also found some i liked in Topshop and Marks and Spencer but i have two months to find the perfect one so i suppose there isn't a huge rush and i can take my time in selecting one.

Today as it's the 30th year anniversary since Bob Marleys death i have picked one of his songs as the song of the day. So let's hear it for the man who influenced and still influences generations of people with his music.

Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for. -Bob Marley-


  1. I like the bottom bikini. Sometimes I online 'shoplift' - I fill the basket up then close the page. It's strangely satisfying, just imagining spending all that lolly.

    For someone who smoked an awful lot of ganja, Bob Marley spoke a lot of sense!

  2. lol @ online shoplift

    I *bows head in shame* sometimes do that too, i just pick all the stuff i would like to buy if i had the money, i don't look at the price in the basket and it's only at the end of my "shopping trip" when i have a sneaky look at what it would of cost.
    It's a bit like that dream i have of being locked inside one of my favourite stores overnight and just grabbing what i like.

    Bob Marley was wise, even when stoned off his face :)