Saturday, 14 May 2011

How do i get it to look like THAT?

Today started off with some baking. This is becoming a habit. I didn't have the cherries to do the muffins so we made cookies followed by a carrot cake mixture that i purchased from Morrisons. You could say it's the lazy option and maybe it is but i have three kids and 101 jobs to do and yet still i do my best to find time to bake with them on weekends.

How they get the carrot cake to look like the box cover i will never know. There is no way enough icing included and we had to use Betty Crocker buttercream icing for the top of the cake. The icing is not that colour either. Well not if you follow the directions given. It's more of a yellow colour and looks like 80's school custard.

Looking back we should of kept the cake as it looked like above as it looked ok if not a bit sloppy in the middle, but no... daughters one and two wanted it iced on the top too.

As you can see it looked rather odd when completed. Luckily it tasted rather good otherwise i may have marched myself into Morrisons and asked someone to show me how they get it to look like the cake pictured on the cover. I would still like to see it done. So if anyone ever purchases this pack and you can make it resemble the cake shown with the ingredients they provide, well i will take my hat off to you and even do a little dance.

The cookies were a quick and easy recipe but darling daughter made only six. This really won't do as it means i will have to eat the extra one.

Aside from the baking, washing clothes and mountains of housework i was browsing clothes for half hour or so today. I found a fun website where i can go into a virtual dressing room and select clothes and put them together as an outfit to see if you like them when combined. It reminded me of those paper dolls you could get as a child but much more enjoyable as you can really buy these outfits and you actually put them on when they arrive and you don't need to stick them to yourself with little paper tabs. To check them out visit the link.

BooHoo Wardrobe

Here are a couple of outfits i made for fun. The prices are very reasonable and i will be using the wardrobe in the future to purchase outfits.

Song for today is Bruno Mars- The Lazy Song. I caught myself singing AND dancing to this in the local co-op. Oh the shame.

Anyway it's off to bed for me as i have a terrible sore throat that has got worse all day. Hoping a few throat sweets, a good book and maybe a few episodes of My family will get me feeling slightly better for tomorrow.

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