Monday, 16 May 2011

Bad Feeling & Competition reminder

We can't help but be aware that the Queen is off to visit the Republic of Ireland , especially with a bomb threat being aimed at London today. I actually have a really bad feeling about it. Not so much about the bomb threat but the whole thing. In fact i wish the Queen would change her mind and not go. There has got to be a point when the risk is too great.

Don't get me wrong i will be hoping praying that it goes off without incident but i can't help but have a bad feeling in my gut about it.

Anyway enough of my "gut" and on to the subject of my giveaway. It closes tomorrow evening. A winner will be drawn, regardless of the amount of people who have/ haven't entered. At this moment in time there is a very good chance of winning. The prize is £10 credit to spend on

It takes no more than a few minutes to enter > Enter competition here

You could use the credit to get badges for birthdays, hen/ stag nights, anniversaries, school teachers, ect ect.

This is a short one tonight because i have loads to do but i haven't forgotten about the song of the day which is Lady Gaga - Born This Way 

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