Thursday, 5 May 2011

X Marks the spot

Well the subject everyone seems to be talking about today is Voting

Have you voted? It's ok, i won't lecture you if you haven't. I won't even tell you who i voted for and yes i did vote though my husband choose not to and i fully respect his decision and i won't even try to persuade you to vote for a particular party. You see it really doesn't matter either way as all parties seem corrupt and lie more than pinocchio ever did.

Observing twitter and facebook many people are trying to "convert" others to their way of thinking regarding which party to vote for or mention all the positives/ negatives of voting for an AV system and trying to get others to agree with them. After the last voting and observing of the tweets on twitter i don't think it actually works. I think people humour others and still go out and vote for who they intended to in the first place.

In my mind voting is a very personal thing and i even disagree with those who say just because someone didn't vote they can't complain. We may not have much freedom anymore but as far as i'm aware we are allowed to express ourselves and if that is by having a complaint and airing it so be it. For example if my husband,friend, stranger in the street who didn't vote has a problem with how the government is run, is his/her opinion any less valid than mine? I certainly hope not.

Voting is NOT compulsary. Nor should it ever be in my opinion.

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