Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ecover comes to the aid of mucky pups

I thought today as i have been mainly doing housework that i would review two Ecover products.

I will add that any reviews i do are totally honest. I don't like reviews that are made up by someone who has never tried the product and i have also included some before and after photographs of the Multi Surface Cleaner with this review.

The products i have used today is the Multi Surface Cleaner that comes in a spray bottle and the All purpose cleaner which comes in a normal ecover shaped bottle. The Multi Surface cleaner i used on my cupboards,kitchen sides and the sink as i like the fact it's in a spray bottle and is ever so quick to use and get things clean.

The All purpose cleaner i have been using for a few years and it involved me putting two capfuls into my mop bucket and then i half filled the bucket with warm water. I haven't included photographs of the floor as the photographs didn't come out too well with the low light we have outside today and even with the flash it doesn't show it properly but it did bring my floor up to a lovely clean shine and i am going to be buying this again in the future.

Now for the Before and After photographs. My Kitchen sides and sink aren't usually this dirty (Honest guv!)  but for the  purpose of this review i left what was spilt yesterday so i could see just how good Ecover performs on dirt that had been left for a little while.

This is ketchup that my youngest had spilt when trying to eagerly shake it from the bottle onto her plate.

This looks terrible and it was! *Looks down in shame* Apologies for the poor picture quality but this was on the kitchen side next to the kettle. It's coffee cup rings, sugar and spilt tea.My lot are mucky pups!

 Next is my kitchen sink, that looks very marked and often has left over cold tea and coffee poured down it which seems to stain the sink in a very short amount of time.

Now for the after photographs. I used the Multi Surface cleaner with a normal blue throwaway kitchen cloth. I didn't need to scrub too hard and the dirt lifted much more easily than i imagined. Especially for a product that advertises itself as "powered by nature" and another bonus is their products have minimum impact on the environment. I'm just loving it more and more.

This is my kitchen side which had the ketchup mark on it. It came up lovely and shiny and more importantly clean. I love the smell of this stuff too, it's a fresh, clean scent that lingers for ages afterwards. Ignore the fact that the all purpose cleaner is pictured. I used the Multi Surface cleaner on the sides and only used the All Purpose cleaner for the floors after i had done everything else.
Next up is where the kettle is and which had those awful coffee, tea and sugar marks. I took this photograph as soon as i had cleaned it and i am impressed that i only needed to wipe it over with minimal effort and the marks were removed.
 Last but by no means least is the sink. I will be giving this another going over with something more hefty that a thin kitchen cloth but i was very impressed with how it brought my sink up on the first attempt.

I was very happy with how the Multi Surface cleaner performed, as i said before i am a long term user of the All purpose cleaner and both these products will forever be a firm fixture on my shopping list. 

To check out the range of products for yourself you can click the link below.


  1. Ooh, I think I'll get some of the multi surface cleaner. Lovely results! x

  2. I really didn't think i would ever blog about housework but the ecover really did make light work of it! :)