Friday, 6 May 2011

Song of the day 6th May

I thought i would do a daily song of the day. I have a varied taste in music and understand my daily songs won't be to everyone's tastes but each song i select will hold some sort of meaning to me.

The song for today 6th May is Yazz- The only way is up.

I remember loving this song when i was a child, i'm 32 now and if i'm honest i still like listening to it.  It's a nice song to listen to if it's been a tough day and i'm feeling like things are getting on top of me.

One of the first times i heard this played was roughly just before my Aunt married my uncle or perhaps it could of been shortly after. His parents owned a pub and his dad gave me and my cousins a packet of crisps and a coke (it's funny the things that stick in our memory!) we put this on the jukebox and danced around the room. It was a good moment in my life and we were carefree kids having a great time.


  1. This is a very positive song and reminds me of my early teens! x

  2. Nice to know other people like this too! I find it really uplifting and it makes me want to dance. Shame my dance partner for today was the hoover! ;)