Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pet Hates, Hot Heel and Twix Slices

Today someone asked me what my pet hates are and i couldn't actually think of any right of the tip of my tongue.
I have given it some thought though and my top ten pet hates would have to be:-

1) Liars
2) Brown Nosers
3) People who use a mobile phone while driving.
4) People who think a trolley is supposed to be used as a dodgem car
5) Materialistic personalities
6) People who refuse to take no as an answer
7) People who don't say thank you when you hold the door open for them
8) People who chew gum with their mouth open
9) People who take no responsibilty for their actions
10) Parents who swear at their children

Next up would be that last night i could feel my heel throbbing. I couldn't remember doing anything to it and yet one heel was ice cold and the throbbing one was very hot to the touch and swollen.  All i needed was another foot problem to have me walking around like a cripple. If there is a god, boy he must have it in for me lately.

These evening i did a quick dash to the local co-op more out of convienence than anything else. Had to pick up boring stuff like bread,milk you get the idea. Just as i was paying i spotted some new Twix Slices on offer for 99p and me being me i had to try them. Even though they are in one big pack, they are wrapped up individually inside so ideal for lunchboxes and picnics and they are very very nice! A cross between millionaires shortbread and Twix.

Anyway this is a quick post tonight as i'm now going to shower and then go put my foot up someones bum on something to relax.

The song for this evening is John Mayer - Waiting On The World To Change


  1. I hope your foot is better soon. I got bitten by a horsefly on the back of my heel a few years ago and it took months to heal. Owwwies!

  2. owww.I hope you bit it back :) x