Sunday, 15 May 2011

Stop the planet, i want to get off.

I was going to add this to my blog last night but thought i would wait for any updates.

What i'm going on about is the 60 year old Gran who was attacked in Tenerife. Not only was she stabbed 14 times but he cut off her head and actually walked outside with it. I really don't care if he was mentally ill, he deserves to die. Preferably in the horrific manner that he used on his victim and no i don't really care if that isn't the PC thing to say. I'm all for an eye for an eye.

This Daily Express article actually had me tearing up. Hide me plea She was already scared and frightened. I can't and don't want to imagine what was going through her mind in the final minutes before her death. It really makes me wonder how many sick and twisted people are out there and even makes me wonder if bringing children into this world was the right thing to do.

R.I.P. Jennifer Mills-Westley. Hopefully some sort of justice will be served on this nutter but even when it is, this will still leave her family without a person that they dearly loved.

We also have all the mentions of Madeleine in the news and how the government is going use lots more money trying to find her. Erm i thought we as a country didn't have any more money? I would say what makes this one girl so special when loads of children go missing but it's all in the "class" of person. Some people are obviously more important than others. That may seem harsh, but that's how i see things when i go through the missing children websites and see so many other children who are missing. I have no sympathy whatsoever with her parents, i doubt i ever will have. It's all seemed a bit iffy to me since the beginning but whatever happened one thing is without doubt - they were totally irresponsible parents. That aside, I hope they do find Madeleine and i also hope they find all the other children that have gone missing way before Maddy and after her.

Take a few minutes to watch this video of missing children.

Sometimes i wish i really could get off the planet, i read the news with such sadness when i see how awful one human being could treat another and it's becoming more of a frequent occurance.

Today the song is one of hope. One for Ben Needham, Daniel Morcombe, Morgan Nick, Michael Wayne Dunahee, Philip Cairns, Madeleine McCann and the many others young and old still missing to this day. Clannad- I will find you


  1. What a wonderful post. That poor woman. I agree - for some cases such as these - the payment needs to be a life for a life.

  2. Thanks. Some crimes are so brutal that the only punishment that seems fitting is death. Maybe if there was a fear of a death penalty it would put some people off commiting such awful crimes such as this.