Monday, 2 May 2011

Giveaways and competitions = prizes

It seems i am struggling to give away anything for free as my giveaway for credit to spend on has minimal entries and yes i know it doesn't close yet but can i panic? Just a little bit?

If you didn't know i was having a giveaway you can read about it here

I even blasted ahead and came up with 3 months supply of coffee for my next giveaway. Not as lovely as the badges but it might help to wake you up in the mornings! :)

Though for me to have a 2nd giveaway i will need to know that giveaways or competitions for prizes work when you are doing it via a blog. Unfortunatly as i'm not a company and this is only a new blog these prizes cannot be of huge value as quite frankly i cannot afford it. Though it is nice to give away a little something to those who don't mind me boring them with my rants and ramblings about this, that and everything inbetween.

Anyway if you're reading this and would like to win some credit to spend on the huge variety of badges that are available please follow my blog and make a post to the giveaway which is linked above. It takes less than a few minutes! (promise!)


  1. How about extending the deadline? I'll do some more promotion on Twitter tonight. You just can't give away free money these days, it seems! x

  2. It might come to that, though i was hoping it wouldn't. I will extend it by another month if there is less than 10 entries and just cross my fingers it doesn't come to that :)