Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama bin Laden. Just like that.

The news of the morning today was that Osama bin Laden has been killed in the city of Abbottabad. News articles are sketchy. With most going about a guy who was tweeting at the time of the attack. Even though he didn't appear to know what was going on at the time the tweeter @ReallyVirtual seems to have become famous overnight. Mainly for going on about swatting the helicopter as it was annoying him. It would of annoyed me to.

Anyway flicking through the news stories i hear that today he has been buried at sea so his resting place doesn't become a shrine to his followers and general weirdos. Ok i can understand that.

Now yes before we start i am a skeptic. Is he really dead?
Do they know for an absolute fact it was Osama bin Laden? There was surely no time for an autopsy before they flung him in the ocean?
Is having his body buried at sea almost straight away just a bit too convenient and that in fact it actually isn't Osama that has been killed ? Maybe it's just a way to make everyone more at ease and give a good pat on the back to President Barack Obama whose seemed to be going slightly out of favour the last few months. P.S. It seems to have done wonders for the stock market.

Don't get me wrong i have been looking forward to the day Osama gets his justice for all the people that were killed in his name and directly because of him but i find it very hard to believe that it's been done *just like that*.


  1. Personally, I'm cynical. The whole burial at sea business seems a bit convenient to me. If I see a photo of him dead I'll believe it, otherwise, pfft. Wasn't the dollar at the point of collapse just before this was announced?!

  2. So i had heard yes which makes me even more suspicious. I just don't believe it. Either he died of natural causes and they just played the "heroes" for the day and made it look like they were responsible for his death or it's all a load of rubbish and he is still out there. I find the first more likely.

  3. Me too. It's highly suspicious. I think they found out he'd died and engineered the 'shooting' to save face. Perhaps more details will come out at a later date, or perhaps they think the propaganda machine to be so believable that it's 'paranoia' if you question it.

  4. Yes it will just be classed as a wild "conspiracy theory" which i suppose fair enough it is but to me it's a very valid and plausible one.