Saturday, 7 May 2011

Song of the day 7th May

I am pretty sure that Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler was my first ever vinyl purchase and from what i remember it was purchased in the sale in Woolworths for about 25p.

At the time i was a little girl living in Milton Keynes so buying this probably had an awful lot to do with her being Welsh and i just loved her big hair! How i really missed Wales when i lived in MK. Even though i did get to see many of my welsh relatives in the holidays, it just wasn't the same. Wales was and always will be "home" to me.

Anyway i loved this song and used to play it as often as possible. I'm pretty sure i knew all the words off by heart within weeks of purchasing it.

So that is my choice for today. Another song that features as one of my more vivid childhood memories.


  1. nice song!
    so fun to watch the big hairdos in that decade!

  2. I really love the 80's, it was a great time especially for fashion and music :)

  3. I do love a good song I can belt it out to (tunelessly!) x